Sunday, 21 June 2009

5 day plan

I am quitting the website at the end of the week, 7 months after launching. It will be relaunched again on 1 December. That gives me five months to focus on other things in my life, not least the website.

So if you like stats, featured photos and blogging, then come back each day this week. If you can't wait that long for all the things I am planning.........


  1. Hi Murray absolute fantastic job ya doing again. As I know ya love stats but do not know how easy/hard it would be to compile, the stat of every start for a competitor to completion more than first time finishers.
    i.e. it would be from the competitors that have started the walk and finished every time twice or more!
    As I know the likes of Robbie had not finished it even before this year, but it would be good to know if Ray Hughs or Derek Harrison or even the likes of Jock have that stat to there name! as this one is talked about a lot with Robbie in the Glue Pot!!
    I have started 3 times and finished every time but know I would be at the bottom of the pile, as there will be a lot better out there than me with this one!. Just don’t tell Robbie :)

    Cheers Flash

    p.s Ya manx to us yesser!!

  2. Thanks but I'm not sureif I quite understand. You would like a list (for every person who has finished it more than twice) to show their non finishes?

    I'll be working on the stats soon.


  3. Yeah I didn’t explain it very well, we have talked about what a fantastic achievement it is for first time finishers, but once you know how tough it is to finish once to do it again and again without having a non finish takes something else.
    So if you have a non finish to your name or have only! completed it once, you would not be eligible for this stat.

    So all those finishing more than once without a non finish to their name!
    (The toughest of the tough)

    Or every time they have started they have finished (more than once)

    Hope this explains it better good luck and thanks again for all your efforts.