Friday, 26 June 2009

The most important thanks

Thank you to my wife, Marie.

She has to put up with me getting up early and heading for the computer, disappearing at every opportunity to update the site and forgetting lots of important things that continue regardless of the Parish Walk.

She is busy still in the first year of her new job planning for Tynwald weekend. After that we will finally get a couple of nights away in Manchester to watch those aging rockers: 1) Crosby Stills & Nash & 2) The Eagles.

Oh, we are also going to the Jackson concert. Not that one, but the one at the Gaiety Theatre tomorrow night. The Gathering have Ray Jackson, formerly of Lindisfarne among them. My sister, Margaid, who have I just spoken to, used to be a big Lindisfarne fan and even named one of her cats after him - "Jacka".

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