Thursday, 25 June 2009

More thanks

For the second year in a row Colebourns provided two large TV screens and a couple of laptops at the finish (I was also able to use one of them to supplement the use of my own) on the route.

At the finish the TV screens displayed updates on each walker while course record holder Sean Hands (who I must also thank for his help) provided personal assistance for anyone requiring information on a particular walker.

For good measure, Phil Colebourn took part in the event himself finishing for a second time and taking nearly 3 hours off his time from 2006 in 19:43:07.

Thanks to Colebourns and well done to Phil who is featured in the second photo.
Behind his van in the top photo is Elaine Masterson who completed the course despite blisters in 23.51.06. I am told that she put duck tape over her feet to protect the blisters. I can't even think about it. Well done to Elaine too.

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