Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thanks to Manx Telecom

One of the landmark innovations was the introduction of Manx Telecom timing in 2007. For anyone who does not already know, the times are uploaded over Manx Telecom's mobile phone network immediately a walker passes a church. They are also sent to the two nominated text numbers so that family and friends know exactly where their walker is.

If you didn't use this service this year, you must do next year. Also, although I don't want to take visitors away from this site, you can access the service via your mobile phone via

My special thanks to Manx Telecom for providing me with access to their mobile network via my laptop. Without them I would not be publishing photos and videos from around the course with such speed. The record was broken with photos from Braddan online at 8.32.

The photos are of Manx Telecom managing director Chris Hall who just beat the 8 hour barrier to Peel. Marketing director Andrew Bridson (532) was just 2 minutes behind him.

Thanks to Darren Shaw for setting my laptop up and for being available to help.

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