Monday, 22 June 2009

Videos were only really a first cut

Making videos of local events is one of the most time consuming elements of the website and it was one area that didn't go as well as planned on Saturday.

In the past I have used analogue video cameras for the Parish Walk which meant that I had to playback the video onto the computer to capture it which was both time consuming and a use of valuable power in the van.

This I planned to use two digital cameras. Mike (my elder brother) was at the start and he was given my HP camera which has a one minute video function. I asked him to take 3 x 1 minute clips which is fairly easy as the camera would have time to write the recording to the SD card in between each lap / road circuit. Marie was given my current video camera which has both an SD slot and a hard disk but I set it to HD more so that I could copy the files quicker.

At 2 minutes to 8 I got a phone call from Mike - my camera was not working. So we lost that filming opportunity but other films have now been published.

When the walkers arrived at Braddan Marie shouted that her camera would not work either. Something had gone wrong with the SD card so I had to switch it to HD and we therefore missed the first batch of walkers.

Although I had the first still pictures online by 8.32 am and we continued to publish them as we drove along after meeting up with Mike at Union Mills, it took a while to start the editing process as there were so many photo opportunities.

I reduced Marie's film from 8+ minutes to just over 5 but took the lazy route of starting to repeat the same music rather than adding an extra tune or cutting it to the length the song. No time for credits but thanks Marie. It is the only time I see her during the event as she has lots of other commitments.

I took the second film myself and edited this down to the length of the tune when we reached Peel. I rather harshly deleted a few scenes to achieve this but seem to have copied on scene in a second time which might confuse you.

I would love to do more and to improve the quality but the coverage has to be a compromise. I find the quicker these things are produced the more people enjoy the coverage. I hope that you did.

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