Monday, 22 June 2009

The Clerical Medical Parish Walk magazine 2009

The Clerical Medical Parish Walk magazine 2009 is a full-colour special edition magazine available for all participants that you will want to keep as a souvenir recording your achievements this year. The magazine includes: • Full results and winners from every stage • Colour Photos • Stories and Features • History of the Parish Walk • Previous years winners and highlights • Isle of Man walking events • International Walking events • Walking clubs on the Isle of Man • Editorial • Details of the sponsors • Course Map and Parish lists You can order in person, online, or by post for just £2.50. The price includes postage and packing. Why not order five copies for £10 and save 20%. (Posted to one address.)

Race Walking Record is a magazine aimed at people who pursue walking as a serious competitive activity. RWR was started in 1941. There have been 793 monthly issues over a period of 68 years. It is distributed to fifteen countries on five continents. Current readers include several Olympic medalists, The International Olympic Committee (IOC), UK Athletics (UKA), The International Athletics Federation (IAAF), USA Olympic Committee (USOC), and Australia's National Sport Information Center (NSIC). The Parish Walk 2009 special is the first ever special edition produced by RWR in seven decades. It is being produced in recognition that the Parish Walk has become the most significant walk in and around the UK. It is intended to help promote walking within the Isle of Man, and in turn promote the Parish Walk to the rest of the world. The special will be an A5 magazine containing 20 full colour pages of results, photos, reports and useful information.

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