Thursday, 25 June 2009

Island Games half marathon medalists

Tony Okell (27) and Colin Moore (78) are both finishers in previous years but they both stopped at Peel this time.
Colin won the Island Games half marathon when the games were last held here in 2001 with Tony taking bronze.
Here is the result:
1 st COLIN MOORE Isle of Man 1.11.0 Gold
2 nd IAN WILLIAMSON Shetland 1.12.28 Silver
3 rd TONY OKELL Isle of Man 1.12.59 Bronze
They were both top runners in the UK before comiing to live here in the late 90s. Colin was a member of the famous Bingley club that won many cross country titles and Tony ran for Stockport.
Colin was arguably the best athlete taking part in the event with personal best times of 28:13 for 10,000 on the track, 47.10 for 10 miles, 62.22 for the half marathon and 2:13:34 for the marathon. He also did 13.33 for 5000 on the track and 28.17 for a road 10km.

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