Saturday, 20 June 2009

Dru never gives up

I mentioned in my pre-race blog that I had a story about Dru Hamm but I wanted to clear it with her before publishing her.
She works just a few yards away from me in Ballasalla so I took the opportunity to take the picture I have published above earlier this week. She works for Crossleys the accountants in Ballasalla.
She told me she was happy to share the story but if you don't know it you should read her main story here first, as published by Isle of Man Newspapers:
I joined the old accountancy firm of Coopers & Lybrand in October 1987 and the very first time I recruited a member of staff was the following June when we needed an office junior. Dru was one of the six that made the shortlist from dozens that applied. I asked her all the predictable questions about why she wanted the job and she said that she wanted to train as an accountant.
I said that it was highly unlikely that she would be able to qualify starting as an office junior (I remember that one of the jobs was to make all thirty odd staff tea and coffee twice a day) and that she would be much better advised going back to school, getting her A levels and then going to university. She could then apply for a graduate training scheme.
Five years later, the partner recruiting for graduate trainees told me that he had just interviewed Dru. She had failed to take no for an answer and she got the job.
If you told her not to walk to Santon you know what she would do.

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